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Critical Things that are Worth Doing in the Case Your Passport is Lost or Stolen

It is infuriating to miss your U.S passport in the midst of planning for your fantastic trip. In addition to that, dealing with a passport that has been stolen or lost while traveling in a foreign country is likely to be a helpless feeling. When in a situation like this, a lot of questions cross your mind. For example, what you are going to do first, whether to call the U.S government from a country that is foreign as well as how you are going to get back to the United States all over again.

Luckily, there are several things that you can do to put right the situation and begin dealing with your either stolen or lost passport like a professional. Get more info on lost or stolen passport. Contemplate the discussion below to get you to get back to enjoying your vacation. Also, the following tips will make sure you are prepared appropriately, the next time you happen to travel outside the country.

First, deliberate in looking for the nearest U.S embassy. Alternatively, you can see consulate in the country that you are visiting. This is the organizations that are going to assist issue your new passport. For the sake of locating them, you are advised to go a near place that has internet connections, for example, a hotel or a coffee shop and consult online resources like, the U.S Embassy Website, contact information for the U.S embassies as well as consulates, or contact the Office of Overseas Citizens Services U.S department.

At the embassy, you need to request to speak to the consular section to report your stolen or lost passport. Doing this is vital as they will guide you through the crucial process and make you comprehend the particular phases you need to take. Get more info on expedited passport. In case you are scheduled to leave the country that you are visiting soon, make them know, so they are capable of setting things in motion immediately.

On the other hand, you are advised to file a police statement for your passport that was either lost or stolen. Filing a statement at the resident police station can only be done if you are confident that your passport was not misplaced but stolen. This way, the local authorities can start finding the person who took it and likewise aids in anticipation of the thief from stealing another passport in the time to come.

Thirdly, you can gather as well as print all the paperwork that is needed for a new passport. Also, since it is hard to get your new passport, contemplate to remain patient. Your travel plan plays a significant role in determining how fast you will receive your new passport. In some cases, you will find that it is possible to get an emergency passport that is likely to come in a [period of 24 hours. Learn more from

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